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CPD Training at www.omttraining.co.uk

At Osteon, we have some highly skilled therapists who also teach a variety of manual skills to Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, SRMT, and Doctors.

CPD Training with OMT TrainingGiles Gyer who is a registered Osteopath and one of the Clinic Directors, along with Jimmy Michael who is also a trained and registered Osteopath and Clinic Director, work alongside TCM Acupuncturists and MS Doctors at www.omttraining.co.uk offering the courses described below.

You can book in with either Giles or Jimmy at Osteon at the Wimpole Street Clinic at 2 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0EB where they run clinic days on a Monday and a Friday offering Sports Massage, Osteopathy, Medical Acupuncture treatments.

All OMT Training courses are accredited by the UK Sports Therapy Organisation.

Medical Acupuncture Course

For therapists wanting to add Acupuncture to their current skills, this course will introduce the participants of OMT Medical Acupuncture into the theoretical and practical principals of using Acupuncture techniques within a clinical setting for the treatment of a number of musculoskeletal conditions.

The training will look at the most effective techniques taken from both Traditional Acupuncture and current Western Acupuncture, giving the students a sound background of knowledge and skill to fully use OMT Acupuncture techniques within their own practice

Advanced Acupuncture Course

For therapists with Acupuncture / Dry needling experience, this course will refresh you skills and add a new dimension to your training, by covering:

  • Full Electro Acupuncture for all major joints
  • Pregnancy Acupuncture
  • Treating the Acute patient
  • Advanced TCM techniques


Spinal Manipulation Course

This really is a fantastic course, taught by highly skilled Osteopaths, learning High Velocity Thrusts will allow you to add a whole new dimension to your current skill levels.

This course covers HVT / Thrust techniques to the following areas:

  • Cervico Thoracic Junction (CTJ) C7-T1
  • Thoracic Spine T1-T12
  • Ribs
  • Thoracic Lumbar Junction T12 – L1
  • Lumbar Spine L1 – L5
  • SacroIliac Joint SIJ / Pelvis