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Useful Articles from our Team and Colleagues

Written and submitted by contributing colleagues and our very own staff, the following articles should be a useful read to anyone wanting to know more about resolving some of the conditions they might be suffering from.

New articles will be added here in the future so check back to see the what's new.

Life Style - some words of wisdom from Andreea Ghiorghiu

Knee Pain Explained - by Giles Gyer

CPD Training with www.omttraining.co.uk - by Giles Gyer and Jimmy Michael

Core Stability Training for Runners - by Giles Gyer

Strength Training for Runners - by Giles Gyer

Foam Rolling - by Giles Gyer

Four Essential Stretches for Runners - by Giles Gyer

Beat Foot Pain - by sports therapist Sophie Vowden

How to Tie Your Running Shoes to Avoid Pain - by Giles Gyer

Which Running Shoes Are Best For Me? - by Jimmy Michael and Giles Gyer