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Sports Injuries

At Osteon we understand the value and benefit that leading a healthy lifestyle can bring at any age, and exercise and sports should play an important part of that.

Whether you're involved in hitting the gym at lunchtime, spin training, to ironman or marathon running, these stresses and strains can also put you at risk of injury. The Osteon team has a wealth of experience working with athletes (yes – you are an athlete) from all backgrounds, and we can quickly assess and diagnose your injury or problem and we will be able to tailor a specific treatment program that will not only get your back top your chosen sport as quickly as possible but will also educate and train you so that it doesn’t happen again.

So what sort of sports injuries do we see at Osteon?

Almost half of all sporting injuries we see will affect your legs, everything from ankle sprains, tendon pain, painful and tight muscles that just keep slowing you down, to non specific knee pain, ligament trauma, swelling and bruising. All these injuries can lead to the body compensating and putting stress on other joints, and can commonly lead to hip and back pain.

Another area of pain that we see is in the shoulder and arms, we sometimes use bad form in the gym, or overload our bodies causing poor posture and over time this can lead to problems such as rotator cuff pain, bicep tendinopathy, upper back and neck pain to mention a few.

We have a team of sports specific Physiotherapists and Osteopaths and Sports and Remedial Massage therapists at Osteon, who can examine, diagnose and effectively treat your condition, we also work closely with a number of sports medicine doctors in case you need to be referred for further investigations such as MRI scans, Ultrasound imaging, so no matter what the problem, we are here to help get you back on your feet.

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