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Sports and Remedial Massage at Osteon

Hello and a warm welcome to Sports and Remedial Massage at Osteon. In this section we aim to explain what Sports and Remedial Massage is and how it can help you.

We pride ourselves in providing a premier Sports and Remedial Massage therapy service in London to everyone from the office workers, gym trainers, to spinners and even the odd Olympic athlete, in fact anyone can benefit from sports and remedial massage therapy and we'd like to think we at Osteon will be your first choice. (OK, we are a bit biased – but we are sure it's true).

Firstly, to hopefully put you at ease, all the Sports and Remedial Massage team are trained to the highest level and Osteon consistently ensure that this level is maintained and further training is pursed via in house training or external courses. Sports and Remedial Massage (SRMT for short) is much more than just pressing very hard on the area, it focuses on addressing all your aches and pains whether that being from the weekend's half marathon or from the 50hr week at work, we work on restoring your body back to its best.

In this section will try to explain the process of what happens when you attend an appointment and also the different techniques that are available to our practitioners.

Before we explain the process, it's safe to say that all Osteon practitioners are highly trained in this area of therapy with many years of experience behind them. This makes sure that you are in very best hands with us.

What to expect

An initial assessment is carried out by your practitioner, this section of your treatment is as important as the therapy itself.

It gives the practitioner the necessary information about you and the problem you are presenting with. From here we are able to assess you to formulate what area is causing the problem, finding what is actually causing you the problem means a faster a recovery time for you. This is what we pride ourselves on at Osteon.

We will be looking at your posture, muscle length, muscle tone and muscle strength. At this point, if we feel that you need more expertise (i.e. sports and remedial massage may not entirely help) we are able to discuss your problem with a member of the team which consists of highly trained, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Acupuncturists and even refer if this is the best for you to make a full recovery.

Once the initial assessment is complete and the areas identified that need treatment we will discuss the treatment plan to make sure you are happy to proceed and understand what is causing their problem and how we intend to fix it. We find that when patients have a clear understanding of the problem their recovery is much faster.

On to the treatment

Sports and Remedial Massage has a variety of techniques at its disposal. There is a huge long list that we could add here but we won't. Be safe to say that our Sports and Remedial Massage therapists 99.9% of the time use their hands as the primary means of treatment. From time to time we may use medial acupuncture techniques and kinesiology taping to help. The treatment is focused on the area that is not only painful but the area that is causing the pain. This is vital to restore balance and help your body's natural internal mechanisms of healing. Any Sports and Remedial Massage treatment should not follow the "no pain, no gain" theory. Yes, of course sometimes it may be uncomfortable at times but this feeling should be manageable. The days should be long gone where you see people holding on to the table for dear life hoping that the treatment will stop. We pride ourselves that we do not create this environment where people hope we stop. That makes no sense. We will always work within your limits and capabilities. Never by afraid to say...it's too much.

After treatment it's fair to say that you may feel very tired and need rest. Also, you may feel sore for approximately 24 hours. These are normal treatment reactions and if you are at all concerned please contact Osteon immediately. Always remember, once you are out of our treatment room you are not alone. We will always guide you through to full fitness.

Overall, Sports and Remedial Massage can help you by:

  • Remodelling scar tissue from previous injuries or surgery
  • Increase or decrease muscle length and tone
  • Assist your preparations for events
  • Increase recovery times by removing metabolic waste
  • Decrease pain levels
  • Improved training and event performance


This is not an exhaustive list but should give you a great indication as to how Sports and Remedial Massage at Osteon can help you. If you want to discuss further or to book an appointment then please call.