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Treating Back Pain

Back pain can be a problem, is very common and when it comes on, what you do about it early on is very important.

The spine (more accurately the vertebral column) is one of the strongest parts of the body. Surrounding the spine are very strong ligaments and muscles which support and protect the spine.

It was thought many years ago that the best thing for back pain is rest. This is actually the worst thing you can do. The complex joints that make up the spine need movement to replenish the fluids that keep them mobile.

What activities should I do?

People who take part in moderate regular exercise are less likely to experience chronic back pain. There is no one type of exercise that is better than the next. Make sure you do exercise that you enjoy and you are more likely to keep doing.

What to look out for?

With back pain there are symptoms that we need to know about immeaditely. If you experience any of the below signs either contact your GP, go directly to A&E or if you are unsure then please contact Osteon.

  • Extreme worsening of your pain
  • Radiating symptoms in to one or both legs
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control (this includes, not being able to open bowels/bladder and not being able to close bowel/bladder)
  • Numbness when wiping after passing stools


When back pain does occur it is best to see one of the Osteon team to get you pain free as quickly as possible. Do not leave it hoping the pain will go away.....in most cases it doesn't.

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